Taylor Classic Car Components - Frequently asked questions

Q) What materials do you work with?
A) All grades of Steel, i.e. Carbon, Alloy and Stainless, Aluminium, Brass and other copper alloys. Nylon, GRP, cast iron and more.

Q) My part is subject to severe stress
A) For strenuous applications we finish machine forgings, maintaining grain flow and structural integrity.

Q) I want Taylor Classic Car Components to produce 200 shafts for a 1960's Humber Super Snipe, how do we go about it?
A) Simply send us a drawing or a sample for assessment and we will be more than happy to quote for the job.

Q) My sales demand for components is erratic, I'm not sure what quantity I should have
A) We offer a range of options regarding batch sizes and even "buffer" stock solutions.

Q) My part is serrated/honed/folded/splined/manipulated/gear cut etc.
A) with our network partners we can provide almost any machining process. We actively manage the complete process.